Do you think you are different from other people? Are you curious if anyone will rescue you from this strange world?  This is how we describe Angels on Earth.

You may be an Earth Angel. This is another name to refer to Lightworker, Indigo or Crystal. It can also be used to describe someone who has incarnated to help the world. Each person was created with the desire to learn and grow. Each person picks a theme to guide their lives. This could be a lesson about patience, forgiveness, compassion or any other important life lesson.

Earth Angels may also have a global mission. You could be an Earth Angel, if your sensitive nature and abhor all forms of violence are part of it. Earth Angels are people who hate violence and are sensitive. Although all souls are created by the same Divine Source of Light, our individual histories and environments can have an impact on our spiritual and physical characteristics. People who go to the beach more often display different mannerisms than those who live in inner city offices.

As your past lives have influenced and shaped you, so will your current ones. Your physical family-of origin influences your appearance, behaviour, and even life purpose. Each person’s inside is one: a radiant, pure spark of Divine light. You may have also spent time in the heavenly realms. Your lifetimes spent in the angelic realm, on the elemental kingdom, or on other planets may have had an impact on who you are today. Your soul is a traveller, even though it lives in a human body. Because you are in essence. However, not everyone can become an Earth Angel. God chose to use the most powerful and brightest light to assist us in our transition into the New Age of Peace.

Humans who don’t have the Earth Angels gift live for their own personal growth, enjoyment, and rest. They may seem uninspired and dense, but they are still Divine sparks. Their lives were devoted to Earthly, human concerns.

Vital Mission of the Earth Angels

Earth Angels are powerful light workers with a long history of healing and miracles. Your Divine mission was to bring healing and education to Earth. You might discover that you are an Incarnated angel or Elemental, a Starperson whose previous lives were extraterrestrial (ET), a Merperson, a Leprechaun, a Knight Paladin, or a WiseOne, which is a reincarnated High-Priestess or Wizard. An Earth Angel is a veteran worker. While you might have lived in Incarnated Angels or Elemental past lives, you still believe these incarnations were human. This will help you understand yourself and your spiritual realm. This is similar in nature to the way our astrological sun signs categorize us into meaningful categories.